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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lots of Nissan Skylines! Second Set of photos

Here is another set of Skyline photos.

Was watching also the Best Motoring Video June 2009 , it was a tuned car battle where a tuned R35 dominated a field with tuned versions of the Ferrari F430, Corvette Z06 and a Lotus Exige. It was awesome.

Since we cant get those thrills here, lets go on and ogle some more items from my current Skyline garage.

Here we have a pair of Nissan Skyline R34 's. One variant is of the wide wheel variety and comes from the 30th Anniversary Super Police Set while the other of the thin wheel or "butones" in the vernacular, is from the 30th Anniversary Cars and Case Set.

This red beauty is from the Nissan Skyline 30th Anniversary Set.

Last for now and most certainly not the least, we have 2 R34's from the regular line.

One is the street version, the #20 and the #44 is the JGTC Version. Both very well executed and very desirable. Pretty rare nowadays too.

So there you have it. It not everything but lets save those for another day.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An undervalued Tomica Limited Celica

I keep passing this model on my way into my home office but I never really stopped to give it a once over again.

I know I've ogled this model in other times but I guess a more hectic work schedule prevents me from opening up the box to appreciate it again.

This is the Tomica Limited Dandy series which is a Tomica Limited in a larger, 1:43 scale.

The model is a Toyota Celica Supra XX 2800 GT. I'm not sure is this is the last model before the Celica and Supra parted ways and became separate models but if not then its probably the second to the last.

The real model is quite collectible now and I saw 2 examples recently which were in need of TLC.

Anyway enjoy this Celica Supra, its one overlooked model in the Tomica Limited Dandy lineup that I am sure will be a sought after model in the near future.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some old friends revisited

While doing some housekeeping on my PC's I came across some photos of models that I had before. What follows are all in 1:18 scale and are actually eligible to appear in toys I wish I kept.

However if I don't exercise restraint in my choices, most of the toys I have sold will fall under this category. After all my basis is truly " if you like it, buy it".

All photography here is by the toywizard who is also digitalfoto on answers.yahoo.com.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lots of Nissan Skylines! First Set of photos

The Nissan Skyline is fast becoming the rock star of cars. This goes for the real ones as well as the diecast ones. While the real ones don't fly off the parking lots as fast as the diecast ones do on the store shelves, the Skylines for sale in Manila are few and always attract a lot of attention.

This post will be a long series of posts as I am actually a one BIG Skyline fan and there are loads of toys and information about the Skyline all around the Web.

Actually there are three die hard fans in my household, that's me and my two sons. We love our Skylines in Gran Turismo 5 and we would love even more, to have a real life Mines GT-R in our garage.

Alas we only have 1/64 scale Skylines at the moment but at least we have more of them on our toy shelves, than we can ever hope to have in our garage in real life.