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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A pair of Mercedes Benz A-class by Tomica

The very first toys on this blog are a pair of Mercedes Benz A-Class in 1/64 scale by Tomica.

Both of these are special models, the green one comes from the Tomica 30th Anniversary 24 model Cars and Case Set while the blue one is from a special 2 car Tomica Fan Club Set also released during the 30th Anniversary of Tomica and during the 5th Year of the Tomica Fan Club.

Today, both these models are available only through specialized toy stores and sometimes through Ebay.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Toywizards Blogging Debut

Welcome to the blog of the Toywizard !

This is my very first post on this blog and this will be short for now.

Who am I?
The Toywizard is a toy collector / toy seller who specializes in diecast toys with a special emphasis on 1/64 Tomica / Tomy toys.

Why will I be blogging ?

The most common question I am asked is what toys I have. The answer is of course a long one and knowing the nature of toy lovers, the next best thing to owning a toy is holding it, and the next best thing to holding it is seeing it ... and so on and so forth.

SO here is where I post my toys as I encounter them. New stuff, long lost stuff. sold stuff, newly bought stuff ..

You get the picture :)

So please drop by often because I will be posting here at least twice a week.

Thanks for dropping by.