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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Ferrari 250 GTO High End model by Kyosho

There has been quite a bit of confusion among many collectors in distinguishing the high end model of the Ferrari 250 GTO by Kyosho from the standard version.

So here is a video of the high end version to help in the process.

Here's a quick tip: the air scoops in the hood of the high end are open while in the standard version they are closed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf Special by Kyosho

The Lamborghini Countach Walter Wolf specials are considered to be the model which saved Lamborghini. Canadian Walter Wolf who was widely popular in F1 racing was linked to Lamborghini in the 70s and turned the tide against bankruptcy.

The model shown here is a very well detailed 1/12 Kyosho which is not only rare, but is also one of the best models of the Walter Wolf Countach

As a special treat, watch Valentino Balboni driving one of the extremely rare Countach Walter Wolf special.